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Javascript vs Adobe flex

March 15, 2009

Well the title may look a little awkward but this post is to make you understand where to use Flex/Flash and Javascript. It is true that we can make some kind of dynamic content’s dynamism(repositioning the content) very easily using Flex/Flash. But for a web page with where the content does the matter these flash files will be very heavy. For this kind of purposes we can use Javascript.

The two main reasons for not choosing flash for displaying a normal web page are:

– The flash files size will be heavy alone with no content. And the contents weight will also be a burden for the page to load.

– The content inside flash file or the content recieved by flash file from server may not be easily read by google to index the web page.

You can simply observe the difference from the following links where I did two similiar components. first link gives you the effect in flash(you can observe a good amount of load time for the page). The other one is the same effect done with javascript. The links are:

The one main reason people may want to go for a flash component will be the browser independence. We can make browser independence with javascript with some additional code. But for this simple cause moving to flash will not be a good idea.